India Dreamin 18

India Dreamin 18

Last week a group of the Cloud Galacticos team were out in India to attend the India Dreamin 2018 event and support the amazing Salesforce community in India. For the team it was not only a chance to catch up with some of our partners in the region and do some planning for the next year, but also spend some time visiting one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

The India Dreamin event itself was fantastic and the organisers all deserve praise for how everything came together. The content mix was great and it was a pleasure for the team to be able to speak.

There was a wide variety of sessions across development, Einstein, equality, app development, certifications and much more. One of the nicer aspects of these community events is the broader scope you often get for both speakers and topics than at many of the Salesforce events. At World Tour events, there is a smaller set of topics largely focussed on technology delivery and implementation. Dreamforce definitely has talks covering everything, it isn’t sadly something that everyone is able to attend.

Phil Walton, Neel Meghani and Paul Battisson speaking at India Dreamin 2018

Each of the events also shares the local culture which is something that you wouldn’t experience elsewhere. There were fantastic opening and closing ceremonies, as well as lots of great local cuisine at lunch and in the evenings.

Phil enjoying the food at India Dreamin 2018Fantastic food was on offer at India Dreamin 2018


Again, India Dreamin 2018 was fantastic and the team had a great time attending and speaking. If you haven’t had the chance to visit India yet then add India Dreamin to your calendar for 2019. You won’t regret it!

India Dreamin 2018 ceremony