#321 Yeur Dreamin’ Tickets, DF18 Dev Sessions and Summer 19 Logo


Tip 3 – Amsterdam in June? 

It’s great to see tickets available well in advance for events, so we can all plan flights and accommodation…and with Yeur Dreamin’ being post-Brexit, probably, then it may be a good time to escape to the continent! Tickets are available here for the June 14th 2019 event.

DF18 Developer Sessions

Tip 2 – Dreamforce Developer Sessions

Here they all are, consider all your evenings and weekends full until Christmas, with all these DF18 dev sessions to watch.

Vote for the Summer 19 Logo

Tip 1 – And the winning Summer 19 Logo is…

Not really, but take a look here to choose from the 4 possible logos for Summer 19. ‘Running Blaze’ works for me, whats your choice?