Metallica at DF18

Tip 1 – Dreamforce news, and not news

We now know the main band at Dreamforce is Metallica, should be good at the Civic Centre Plaza! But what we don’t know yet is who will be the 2nd band (as with 2014 at the same venue that had a great 2nd band playing inside).

We also don’t know when the Agenda Builder will be live, and we sort of need that really!! My guess is mid next week, based on no evidence whatsoever.

Simple Signature

Tip 2 – Free App of the Week

Thanks to Rhiannon one of UK Lead Consultants for pointing out this Free App from TOA, over to you Rhiannon…

Simple Signature is a Lightning – ready app that will slot neatly into your Salesforce1 app. To get the most out of the app you’ll need dev or advanced admin skills (you’ll be working with Visualforce pages, custom buttons to implement a full signature ‘cycle’), but the implementation guide covers what to do step-by-step.

The app allows you to add fields to the Signature object, connect it to a Parent object and configure the request process.

The paid version has extra bonuses such as creating a new Lead when a form is submitted, sending tailored emails on form submission and overriding the template pages with custom Visualforce, but the free version covers a straightforward e-signature process, which is great value for no money!