Last week I left a teaser saying I hoped to become a Trailhead Ranger before Dreamforce…well TBH I already had about 95 badges then, so I was happy this week to complete my 100th badge and become a Ranger, a couple of months ahead of schedule. But it is really not about the numbers, what I learnt from the process is that there is some great content, regardless of whether you are new to Salesforce, or in your 15th year! So here are my highlights of why we should all use Trailhead MORE!

Pardot Basics

Tip 1 – Basics

There are a number of badges such as Pardot Basics, that can give you an overview of an area that you may not work in, but you know would be useful to be aware of.

Shame I am allergic to cats!

Tip 2 – Projects 

Have a try with a Project for some hands on experience of actually creating something in the Playground environment. They are often quite short, like this great project using Einstein Vision.

Try this Lightning Superbadge

Tip 3 – Superbadges

Lets be honest, if you have 2 multiple choice questions in order to get a badge you will probably get the badge! If you have to pass 5 badges, then spend 10 hours building multi-step processes with each being tested, you really have to pay attention. They are hard work, but when you achieve one you will be pleased with yourself…life isn’t meant to be easy! Try this superbadge.

Maintenance exams

Tip 4 – Maintenance

As of Summer ’18 maintenance exams are free, and on Trailhead. I have been using Webassessor for 10 years, so I will sort of miss it.

We all love public speaking, don't we?

Tip 5 – Personal Development

Next on my list is this badge. Personal development is something we should all regularly take time out to do. It is not a one-off job. So having bitesized chunks of information and learning like this is really helpful to schedule into our working week.