Declarative Lookup Rollup Summaries Tool

Tip 1 – Free App of the Week
I mentioned this App quite a while back, so worth another one now it is on the Appexchange. Andrew Fawcett (fellow MVP that moved to the Salesforce mothership) put together this great Declarative Rollup summary tool. You can install it from the Appexchange, and for any issues join this Trailblazer Community.

DF18 Admin sessions

Tip 2 – YOUR Dreamforce Session
Last month I blogged about the call for Developer sessions at Dreamforce, soon afterwards the call for Admin sessions opened (see here for details). It is open until July 15th. Note if you don’t get a notification email afterwards, don’t worry there is a known issue with the notifications!

Words of advice

Tip 3 – Don’t rush into things
After 13 years, 2 kids and a mortgage, myself and ‘the missus’ are making it official…were getting married on Monday. It almost had to be a Friday, but I said I have other plans every Friday 🙂