Lightning Convertor

Tip 1 – Lightning Converter

JavaScript buttons are one of the remaining big reasons why people are not moving to Lightning, so this weeks launch of the Lightning Experience Configuration Convertor should make some people very happy. Click here for the full details.


Tip 2 – Dataloader for Mac

I moved away from Apex Dataloader as my go-to data tool several years ago, and since have always used But last weekend I thought I would take a look again…and now there is a Mac version (since 2015 apparently, well you live and learn!). Just search for Data Loader in Setup, and you will see you can download the Windows or Mac version.

Lightning Superbadge

Tip 3 – Superbadge revisited

And why was I doing data imports at 11pm last Friday night?? Because one of the last stages of the Lightning Experience Specialist Superbadge is “loading data whilst preserving the existing relationships”…if I carry on late night Trailhead challenges the last thing I will be doing is preserving relationships!! But I have my Superbadge at least 🙂