Sign up for DF18 today


Tip 1 – Dreamforce registration is now open!
Tickets went on sale on Wednesday for Dreamforce, are you going? I have been focusing on smaller ‘Dreamin’ events recently, but I have my ticket booked for #DF18

Lightning Superbadge

Tip 2 – Superbadges
If you want a challenge, try one of the Trailhead Superbadges! As much as the easier badges are quick and easy ways of learning, the Superbadges really put your skills to the test. I did the Lightning Experience Specialistsuperbadge recently, and am now doing the Lightning Experience Rollout specialist superbadge…I will tell you how it goes!

Keep on trying!


Tip 3 – Keep on trying!
Thanks Neel for this great story from Tech Crunch, about how Marc Benioff struggled to get anyone to fund Salesforce in the early days… I guess there are a few VCs kicking themselves!