Free App of the Week

Tip 1 – Free App of the Week
Get ready for Lightning experience by using this free App from Salesforce Labs, to migrate your attachments to Salesforce Files, and your notes to Enhanced Notes. Do read the install notes and the comments in the reviews BEFORE you install the app, they may make it an easier journey!

Salesforce Events

Tip 2 – Events App
The London World Tour is officially sold out! If you have got your ticket and are coming to say ‘hi’, install the Salesforce Events app from the App Store to plan the rest of your day. Note the London agenda is planned to go live TODAY, but had not appeared at the time of writing this.

Tip 3- Reminder…GDPR… blah blah 
If you don’t click the subscribe link before 25th May, then I will have to print out everyones email addresses and burn them…I think that’s what the regulations say, right? But seriously,  please do click it, otherwise we won’t be able to keep being friends 🙂