Tip 1 – Mass Recalculate on Roll-Ups

If you use standard roll-up fields (I am sure most of us do, but there are also a few apps that do the job), you may not have noticed that when you delete a child record Salesforce does not recalculate the value in the roll-up field. If you want that to happen, go to the roll-up field in Setup, and select the checkbox ‘Force a mass recalculation of this field’. Take a look at this resource for some more info and gotchas.

Tip 2 – Free App of the Week – Suggestion Box

We all like to receive suggestions about how good (or bad) we are don’t we…well no not always…but I like the idea of this App, that allows employees (users) to feedback ideas and suggestions to the boss. I would love it if there was also an option to add an anonymous suggestion, just in case I know the boss wont like my suggestion!

Tip 3 – Last chance to nominate a new MVP

You have until MONDAY to nominate a new MVP, so don’t miss the chance, go here to nominate and for more details.