Tips 1 to 10 – Highlights of Spring 18 Release

Nothing says ‘relaxing Christmas holiday’ like a 437 release note document landing in your inbox! I am sure you will read the full notes over the holidays, if so click here to take a look. But in the meantime here are my favourite 10 that I picked out:

* Gather Feedback with Salesforce Surveys (Generally Available) – collecting feedback and data from your users or customer

* Get Guidance for Data Protection and Privacy Regulations – This should be interesting to see how this helps with GDPR, but I think it depends how you use this functionality rather than it ‘fixing’ all the challenges

* Show Your True Colors with Themes in Lightning Experience – This could be fun around holidays, product launches, or one-off events, to show a theme on your Org.

* Generate Leads from LinkedIn – If you are using LinkedIn Ads this will connect them to Salesforce.

* Control How Lead Conversion Includes Opportunities – Finally we can ignore this option if you don’t ever use it!

* Stay on Top of Duplicate Records by Using Duplicate Jobs – scan your accounts, contacts, or leads for duplicates. Share job results with others and merge the duplicates—all within Salesforce.

* In Analytics, Connect to More Data with New Connectors and Revised Limits

* Set Different Login Policies for Salesforce and Community Users (Beta)

* See Einstein Insights About Your Accounts and Opportunities (Pilot) (Enterprise Edition and above)

* Track Time with the Time Field Type (Beta)