Tip 1 – Translations

I have been spending a lot of time using the Translation Workbench recently, if you are rolling out to users in different languages you will want to also! You can translate a whole load of areas of Salesforce such as Fields, Picklist Values, Error messages, and even S-Controls! A couple of gotchas we found included a 40 character limit on all translations (see an open Idea here), and making sure the Users records actually have the desired Language chosen (not just the Locale!). FYI – here are some more notes on Translation Workbench.

Tip 2 – Votazione

Time to vote for the Summer 18 logo, take a look at these options, you have a week to decide, then click here on the Trailblazer Community to add your vote.

Tip 3 – Votar

And while you are in the voting mood… I have been nominated for the 2018 UK Blog Awards, and need your votes to get to the final.

As you may know I have been a finalist for the last 3 years but never won, so this year may be the final push 🙂

Please click here to vote, it just takes 10 seconds I promise.