So where’s all the Dreamforce sessions?? With so many sessions, Keynotes, panel discussions, and interviews at Dreamforce, even if you went to back to back sessions every day and survived, you would still be lucky to have experienced 10% of the content! So here are the main places to look:

Tip 1 – Dreamforce YouTube Channel

Take a look here for loads of Keynotes and Interviews.

Tip 2 – Salesforce Live

And take a look here for a breakdown of the main sessions throughout each day of Dreamforce.

Tip 3 – Suggested highlights, links, and photos

And take a look through this post on the Salesforce blog with a whole load of links to videos, product announcements, photos, etc.

And finally…bookmark these for revisiting over the coming weeks and months! This is not my usual ‘heres some Salesforce highlights you can read in 3 minutes’, these are lots of videos and posts that could keep you busy until DF18! 🙂