Tip 1 – Shell Black Whiteboard Sessions

Shell Black is a Salesforce MVP based in Dallas, and as well as being an all-around good guy that I have spoken with on a number of occasions…he also films great Salesforce whiteboard sessions and adds them to his YouTube channel. Take a look at them here, or this is a good one to get you started, it’s all about ‘many to many‘ relationships in Salesforce.

Tip 2 – New UK UG 

Congratulations to the latest UK User Group, it will launch it’s first meetup in January in Winchester. Take a look here for more info on the Hampshire User Group.

Tip 3 – Remember these things? 

I am in Spain this week, and my holiday reading has been this great book from MVP Matt Bertuzzi. Books…real paper books…remember these things, your grandparents probably told you about them 😉  Real books for me every time! Click here to find it on Amazon.