Tip 1 – Are you gonna go my way?

I was testing some login functionality on a Salesforce project this week and needed lots of email addresses and inboxes. If you need something similar try the Mailinator website for quick and easy setup of multiple email addresses for testing. I used the free version, but paid versions are available.

Tip 2 – It ain’t over till it’s over

Even though you may have missed some of the London Developer group events, they have kindly recorded all their sessions and added them to this great YouTube resource. Take a look and relive some great sessions.

Tip 3 – Always on the run

The Dreamforce Agenda Builder is now live, so time to plan your sessions, and see how much you can squeeze into a packed DF17. Hands-on sessions will fill up immediately so try to book them now, add keynote sessions to your agenda so you don’t double book yourself, and block out time to go through all the sessions listed so you find the gems which are perfect for you, but it will take time.