Greetings from my trip to India! As I practice my slides for tomorrows session called “The Free Salesforce Stuff” at India Dreamin’ I wanted to share with you some my favourite free resources. I hope you find these useful!

Tip 1 – The Developer Library

Not just for Developers, but all the best books and Cheat Sheets can be downloaded from this site, and read at your leisure.

Tip 2 – Answers Community

When I started contributing to the Salesforce community it was through Answers. Questions are regularly answered within minutes, and with full and detailed responses, often with mock-up pages, screenshots, and sometimes code and formulas. Remember this is not run by Salesforce it is members of the community like you and me, so make sure you thank people for their answers and help.

Tip 3 – The beast that is the Admin Guide

If this was any ‘normal’ App or software you would ask “Where is the guide?”, well you can find it here, but don’t try to print it off…it’s 7261 pages!