Today I celebrate 5 years of weekly blogging, 260 consecutive weeks of writing my Salesforce tips and tricks, thank you for all your help and support over the years! Some habits are good to keep, and a Christmas Day, a New Years Day, several vacations, and even the birth of my second child didn’t stop me from sending out the blog, although I am sure Mrs W may have preferred if I missed a few Fridays!

This week I asked another super-contributor of the Salesforce eco-system, who has also just celebrated his anniversary, to share some tips. Thank you and welcome back to Mike Gerholdt, who shares some tips as he reflects back upon his recent 200th podcast episode…

3 things I learned from 200 podcast episodes

1. If it’s hard it’s worth doing. Anything that feels too easy won’t feel as rewarding.

2. Persistence makes perfect. Stick with it. You will grow and learn as you go. And stopping or quitting is always the easiest thing to do.

3. Always be learning. Just because you did something 99 times doesn’t mean you can’t learn anything the 200th time (or 260th!)

Take a look here to read and hear more from Mike on the Admin Podcast.

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