Tip 1 – Create Audit Fields

When I last used this functionality you had to create a case to enable it, but since last year (Winter ’16 release I think), you can enable the functionality to change the following fields:

  • CreatedByID
  • CreatedDate
  • LastModifiedByID
  • LastModifiedByDate

So if you are migrating data from another system, you could for example add the original date that you interacted with a Company when it was in your legacy system, rather than the date their details were migrated to Salesforce.

Go to Setup/Customize/User Interface and switch on “Enable Set Audit fields on record creation” and “Update records with inactive Owners User Permission”.

Tip 2 – A trip to the Zoo

When I was travelling a few years ago, in fact around the time I started this blog, I took my son to Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. It’s a great place in itself, but on 29th August it will be hosting ‘Down Under Dreaming‘. There are some amazing guests and speakers, so if you get the chance head over. I will keep an eye out for any sessions that are recorded and posted online.