Tip 1 – Drag and Drop your Apps in Lightning

Thank you to Mark Tossell for a great Guest blog post today. If you are using Lightning UI, you can simply drag and drop your favourite Apps around to keep them close to hand…I hadn’t noticed that! Mark is a real Trailblazer, and a new Salesforce blogger, take a look at his blog here. Hope you are feeling ok Mark, and are back hitting the Trails again soon!

Tip 2 – Free App of the Week – ‘View All Activities’

So I am supposed to be on holiday this week…but I still cant stop looking around the Appexchange for the latest freebie, and this one looks pretty useful. It is quite possible that users will want to view all the activities on a particular record, and then do something with that list like export it, or turn it into a pdf. Although I am hoping that people don’t actually need to print them off too often, save the planet man!