Tip 1 – Leveraging the power of Picklists

I have been taking a look at some of what I missed at TrailheaDX, and here is a great Admin session about Picklists. It took my eye because I was surprised there could be 30 minutes of content about Picklists, but I think you may be surprised!

Click below for the the youtube session.

Tip 2 – How many related list records do you see?                                                                           

Often my tips come from conversations I have in the week, one this week was several users saying that they saw different amounts of records in a related list, and this led to some confusion (some saw 5 then had to click to show more, some saw 15 and had to click to show more). Each individual user can choose to see more or less records by scrolling down to the bottom of any page layout and clicking ‘Always show me more/fewer records per related list’. See screenshot below. That then defaults across all records and related lists. Hope that clears that one up!