Tip 1 – Commerce Cloud on Trailhead

Since Salesforce purchased Demandware last year, Commerce Cloud has been a focus of many Keynotes and pitches. Get a heads up on the basics with this Trailhead Trail, it will only take you 20 mins!

Tip 2 – Lightning Out

Something else from 2016 that I did miss was ‘Lightning Out’, our lead Developer and fellow MVP Vinay Chaturvedi told us more about it in London at the World Tour:

“To run Lightning components apps outside of Salesforce servers is now easy using Lightning Out. Whether it’s a Node.js app running on Heroku, a department server inside the firewall, or even SharePoint, build your custom app with Force.com and run it wherever your users are. This approach is quite different from embedding an app using an iframe. Lightning components running via Lightning Out are full citizens on the page. If you choose to, you can enable interaction between your Lightning components app and the page or app you’ve embedded it in. This interaction is handled using Lightning events.”

For more info take a look here.