Tip 1 – Dreamforce call for submissions

And so it starts! The first Dreamforce blog post of the year starts with the chance for YOU to speak at Dreamforce 2017. Whether you are an expert public speaker, or a newbie, this is a great opportunity to show the eco-system that you are experienced in an area of Salesforce, and that you want to share your knowledge. It is great for you, great for your CV, and you get a free Dreamforce ticket! To register an Admin session click here, or for a Developer session ask Alexa to open this link. (Thats the sort of thing Developers do, right?)

Tip 2 – Apex Metadata API

Talking of developers…it was great to bump into Andy Fawcett at the London World Tour, and I just read this post about something he has championed for a while. Andy’s idea will soon become reality, and developers and App partners will be able to develop¬†better setup experiences and install/upgrade scripts. I will let Andy and Aaron explain it in more detail.