Tip 1 – Free App of the week – “Trailhead Tracker”

Astro has invaded the Appexchange with this new Free App which is a great way for a company to manage it’s employees on their Trailhead journey. I know lots of people link Trailhead to their personal Orgs not their company Org, but I can still see this would be great for a company who is new to Salesforce and that wanted to get a group of users/Admins/Devs up and running with Trailhead. Companies are seeing Trailhead as a great resource, it’s not just for us individual Consultants and Admins etc.

Tip 2 – See you on Thursday?                                                                               

There will be 12 of us at the London World Tour next Thursday, I hope you can come say hi at our booth (Number 124, on the back right of the Expo). There will be myself, plus fellow MVPs Shiv Devinarayanan and Vinay Chaturvedi who are flying over from India, and some special Star Wars guests and SWAG. I have to say, I am really looking forward to it!!