Tip 1 to 10 – Summer 17 Release notes highlights

The Summer 17 release notes are the biggest yet, at 540 pages! Just in case you have not clicked here to read them all yet, below are my top 10 items I picked out.

  • Get Expanded Analysis When You Check Your Lightning Experience Readiness
  • Ditch Your Mouse—Keyboard Shortcuts Are Here (search for, edit, save, and close a record)
  • Access Field History Related Lists in Lightning Experience
  • Check Your Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness
  • Detect Duplicates Across Contacts and Leads Using Standard Rules
  • Relate Emails You’re Composing to Salesforce Records (Lightning for Gmail)
  • Announcing Partner Central—The New Partner Community Solution
  • Skype for Salesforce (Beta) in Lightning Experience: Simplified Administration Between Microsoft 365® and Salesforce
  • Remove the Surprise of Session Timeout
  • Use Advanced PDF to Render Visualforce Pages as PDF Files (Pilot)

(Search on each of the above terms in the full release notes for more details)