Tip 1 – Game Up

To ensure you are close to getting fired…make sure you add this Lightning component to your Org 🙂 This FREE Appexchange component gives you random javascript based games to play. The dual fun comes from not knowing what game will open, and not letting your boss realise why you are suddenly spending a lot of time logged into Salesforce!

Tip 2 – Heads Up                                                                                      

I am really excited about the big changes coming to my company ‘Phil Walton Consultancy’ over the next few weeks!! I can’t tell you more yet, but you will be amongst the first to know, here on this blog in the next week or 2. The company is now 10 years old, with several of the team being in the eco-system for up to 13 years! So the changes will reflect the experience of the MVPs, User Group leaders, and international experts that we partner with. Exciting times!

Tip 3 – Eyes Up                                                                                      

Salesforce already had it’s San Francisco HQ at a ‘Landmark’ address, but this new office is looking very impressive! According to this article, the building will house 10,000 Salesforce staff in 30 of it’s 61 storeys. What I particularly liked, was Marc Benioff saying the top floor will NOT be his office…it will be an Ohana floor, for use by non-profit groups and community events.