Tip 1 – Summer ’16 release exams¬†

As a reminder…don’t leave your release exams until the last minute, the Summer ’16 release exams must be complete by one month today (by 24th March).

And if you are getting organised, Winter ’17 exams are available now, and the deadline is July 14th.

Tip 2 – Lightning Calendar

While I was doing my Summer ’16 exams (obviously not this week, I passed them ages ago, honest!), I remembered this handy Lightning tool, so decided to give it a try. I switched to Lightning (again) created some custom objects, added start date and end date fields to them, and was able to ‘calendarise’ the records wth nice colour coding in the calendar tab. Great if you don’t just want to put activities against users, but maybe you need to see other resources visually on a calendar. Just click on ‘New Calendar’ in the bottom right of the Calendar tab.