Tip 1 – Free App of the Week – Activity Flags

Here is an interesting App, it only has 2 stars on the Appexchange listing, but I think for unfair reasons. Activity Flags gives you an easy way to identify records that have not had recent activities on them. Note the formulas work around the standard field ‘LastActivityDate’, so it would flag the record as having no recent activity, even if there is an open activity planned for the future.

Tip 2 – Events to watch out for

London’s Calling was a great success last Friday, and it prompted me to look out for some other events around the globe. Which of these would you like to go to?

– Jaipur Dev Fest – 1st April

– Dream Ole (Madrid) 1st June

– SurfForce (Ireland) – Sept 22-23rd

– And of course the Manchester User Group next week, on Thursday 23rd Feb