Tip 1 – Guest post – Will the TLS issue affect me?

Here at Phil Walton & Co, we have been looking at how this issue will affect some of our clients, and the Apps and services they use. So I asked my Lead Consultant Neel Meghani to tell us more:

As I am sure you are already aware as of 14th March 2017 Salesforce will be disabling all TLS 1.0 connection to Production Orgs created prior to the Summer’16 release. TLS is a protocol for communication on the internet that provides encryption and endpoint verification. All connections (inbound and outbound) from 17th March 2017 must be using TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2, this includes both API and browser connections. Click here for a knowledge base article on how to prepare for the change.

Additionally, Salesforce have also provided a browser test URL which we have found pretty useful.

Tip 2 – London’s Calling 2017

Again for 2017 we are sponsoring London’s Calling, the community led Salesforce event. The agenda is now live, and today they announced their main Keynote Speaker Belinda Parmar OBE. Myself, Neel, Emma, Rhiannon, and Ben will be going, plus we are excited that Shiv will be heading over from India to join us too. Get your tickets now, they WILL sell out!

Tip 3 – Exam section level feedback

From now onwards, if you take a Salesforce exam via Webassessor, you can get feedback on which areas you did well in (or badly on). You still only get an overall Pass/Fail, but for each section of questions (relating to the exam outline in the exam guide) if you log into Webassessor afterwards, you can drill in to view your percentage on that individual area. Very helpful feature I think, and somewhat overdue. Note this is not available in release exams. See here for more details.