Tip 1 – Free App(s) of the Week – from WalkMe

Thanks to Tom Blamire for pointing out this free Chrome Extension from Walkme which gives 2 useful freebies, SuperSearch and SuperEdit. You need to provide a name & email at this link, then it will take you to the Walkme Chrome Extension that you will install.

Super Search  allows you to do Google style searching directly in the search box against your objects as you type

Super Edit allows Inline Editing directly in Salesforce reports, see below. And both Apps are available without the need of a WalkMe subscription.



Tip 2 – Last call for MVP nominations 

I just nominated 3 people from the eco-system that I think should become Salesforce MVPs. TODAY is the last day for nominations so click here to add someone you think has really made a difference! Then myself and the other MVPs, and the Salesforce Community Teams will review all the nominations and pick some new members for the team. Exciting!