Tip 1 – Get to know Tony Prophet

This week I had the chance to exchange some emails with the newly appointed Chief Equality Officer at Salesforce, Tony Prophet. Marc Benioff hand picked Tony for the role, and has highlighted the importance of the work that Tony will do, so I wanted to hear more:

What does the role of Chief Equality Officer involve?

“At Salesforce, we have made equality a core value for the company. We believe equality at all levels is critical to our business. I lead Salesforce’s efforts to create and foster equality at our company and in the communities we serve — whether it is gender, LGBTQ or racial equality.”

Why it is so important, or increasingly important today?

“Businesses are tremendous platforms for change and can have an enormous impact on improving the state of the world. Inequality, in all its forms — whether gender, LGBTQ or racial — is an issue that every company, and every leader, must address. At Salesforce, we believe a diverse and inclusive workforce, and a focus on equal rights, pay, opportunity and advancement contributes to increased innovation. It’s important that our business reflects the communities we live in and serve.”

Here are a couple of links for some more info about Tony and his appointment, and lets all vow to help Tony in any way that we can, in our own communities, groups and locations!

Tip 2 – Ideaexchange

The Ideaexchange has had a makeover! So it’s a good time to visit or revisit, to post your suggestions about what should change in Salesforce. Ok not everything you ask for will happen, but here’s 55 of our ideas that have been delivered just in the Winter ’17 release.

Tip 3 – Events near you

It’s heading towards ‘that time of year’ and that means lots of festive User Group events, plus the Dreamforce 2 You tour. Take a look at the new User Group events page and scroll down to ‘User Groups near you’ and be adventurous! But note some of us are only slowly moving to the new Splash App, so it may be wise to look at the Success Community pages also while we all catch up.