Tip 1 – Free App / Lightning Components

The great thing about French Touch Dreamin (and other community led events) is that it is easier to sit down and actually watch some sessions! I saw more sessions yesterday morning in Paris than in the last 2 years of Dreamforces! Fellow UK MVP Matthew Morris presented a great session on Lightning Components, including a mention of this free App…the Lightning Utility Pack. Start playing with the Lightning App Builder and add some of these components!

Tip 2 – Peter Coffee                     

If you have not had the pleasure of watching a presentation by Peter Coffee, then you need to change that soon. I was lucky to see his great keynote in Paris yesterday, but also to be able to have a long chat as we shared a taxi from the airport (and a beer on arrival). One of many great stories included how this article he published in 2004 helped lead Marc Benioff to develop the Salesforce development platform into what it is today.

Maybe I may have convinced him to add some Sir Alex Ferguson quotes into his next keynote…probably not though 😉

Peter Coffee (VP for Strategic research at Salesforce), myself, and our Superstar Developer partner Shiv Devinarayanan at French Touch Dreamin.