Tip 1 – Are you Lightning Ready

Lets be blunt here, not many people are using Lightning Experience! I am sure we all will be using it at some point, and as new releases bring new functionality to the Lightning UI, what is now stopping us? Well do you know you can run a free report on your Org to find out?

Assuming you are not in Lightning already…click your name, then ‘Switch to Lightning Experience’, click ‘Setup’ (thats the cog/wheel icon in the top right), the Setup Home, scroll down to ‘Lightning Experience’ on the left, then choose ‘Evaluate’ next to ‘Evaluate if Lightning Experience is right for your Org’. It will send you a report of what is compatible, and updates of what is not compatible, if/when you eventually migrate to Lightning Experience. Thanks to my new Client Eric for being the guinea pig on trying this…I dont think you are Lightning Ready quite yet!!

Tip 2 – French Touch Dreamin

Thursday 17th November is the first ever French Touch Dreamin, the community led Salesforce event in Paris. I will be there, and really looking forward to some great content, and meeting friends old and new. If you are coming too, or if you want to watch from afar, here are some people that I think you should look out for. Scroll down for the links to their individual Twitter feeds, and follow #Salesforce25 for selfies, comments, session links, etc.

Click below to follow these 25 Salesforce community leaders on Twitter.

Jean-Luc Antoine
Julie Boncour
Peter Chittum
Peter Coffee
Samuel de Rycke
Rachel Delacour
Shiv Devinarayanan
Laura Diaz
Mohamed El Moussaoui
Aldo Fernandez
Scott Gassmann
Stephane Kalpakjian
Cyril Louis
Matthew Morris
Jean Michel Mougeolle
Adam Pearless
Daniel Peter
Anne Podunavac
Justice Sikakane
Fabien Taillon
Mike Tetlow
Kerry Townsend
Zayne Turner
Jodi Wagner
Phil Walton