Tip 1 – ‘Geek Out’

If you missed the chance to ‘Geek-Out’ at Dreamforce, take a look at the Salesforce IT Keynote here. Some great things not to be missed.

Tip 2 – Reporting Tip

Thanks to our in-house guru Francis Pindar for this tip…If you want to format your report layouts, when you create a new Report Type there are a few tweaks that most people do not know. For example, double click on a field and you can change the name (very useful if you have several fields with the same name across reported objects), see screenshot. Also on the right hand side, click ‘Add Fields related via lookup’, rather than having to create formula fields to see cross object data.

Tip 3 – Londons Calling

February 2016 saw the first Londons Calling event, and this community led Salesforce event returns on 10th February 2017. In my opinion, the 2016 event was one of THE best Salesforce events I had ever attended, in my 12 years of working within the Salesforce eco-system! Don’t miss out, get your tickets here.