Tip 1 – Dreamforce Jetpack

Download the Dreamforce Jetpack before you get on the plane/train/Segway to get the full story before you arrive in San Francisco.

Tip 2 – Last chance to sign up

Please sign up to my #baldforce event at Dreamforce, we have some great guests coming including 15+MVPS, a Salesforce VP, and a renowned Marketing guru. Even if you may not be able to make it, please sign up and we can make sure you have an invite to the future global events. (BTW – The more people we have signed up, the more we raise for LocksOfLove!).

Tip 3 – Not going to Dreamforce in person?

Register now at SalesforceLive to watch the Keynote and Dreamforce sessions live from the comfort of your home/office. If you spot me in the crowd, do a screenshot and send us a Tweet!

Or register for your local Dreamforce Outpost, take a look here for more details (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Including a mention for the event in Manchester.