25 UK/Ireland attendees you should meet at Dreamforce 2016

A special edition of my Tip of the Week today…

Dreamforce is sold out! Either you are getting your bags packed, or you are keeping an eye on Salesforce Live for online sessions. Either way, here are some people you should follow either in person, or on Twitter.

I have compiled a list of 25 people from the UK and Ireland who are heavily involved in the Salesforce eco-system that will be attending Dreamforce. The list includes people UK based people such as Hamza Abib, the Diversity User Group Leader, and Chris Atwood on his 12th Dreamforce trip. And many UKI people that are now based elsewhere on the globe, such as fellow Mancunian Richard Boardman, and Sydney UG leader Simon Gascoigne.

Follow these people on Twitter at the links below, or by following the hashtag #Salesforce25

Many thanks to NewVoiceMedia for helping me with this infographic!

Here are the full list of people, and their Twitter accounts so you can follow what they are saying about the event:

Hamza Abib
Chris Atwood
Amanda Beard Neilson
Sanj Bhayro
Richard Boardman
Martina Curran
Chris Edwards
Andy Fawcett
Barry Flaherty
Simon Gascoigne
James Gasteen
Simon Goodyear
Geraldine Gray
Jennifer Laing
Chris Lewis
Louise Lockie
Martin Moran
Tim Pickard
Francis Pindar
Caroline Renard
Catherine Simmons
Gareth Stephens
Kerry Townsend
Phil Walton

Follow the conversation at #Salesforce25