Tip 1 – Holiday season – is there an App for that!?

I was surprised to see that one of my previous favourite free apps Vaykay (the app to log your vacations, to show colleagues you are not in the office) is now a paid app. I don’t see any obvious replacement, so until then I will just change my Chatter Profile picture to add “OOF” or “Gone Fishing”.

In the meantime, Summertime for British people is all about complaining about the weather (similar to the other 3 seasons actually), here is a free app that will help you bore people around the world with your knowledge of their local weather “Smart Multi Weather Information“.

Tip 2 – Dazeworks Ninja

Thanks to Shiv and his guys at Dazeworks for the interview, it was good fun putting this all together. Take a look here for me guesting as their first ‘Dazeworks MVP Ninja‘ and take a look at who will come next.