Tip 1 – Free App of the Week – ‘Web to Any’

I am really looking forward to playing with thisĀ new Free App! I can think of so many scenarios where this could be useful. Firstly, maybe you don’t use Leads in Salesforce? Perhaps you want to add a form to your website for known contacts to request a specific Product brochure? I am going to mess around with this when I am back from holiday, but I would love to hear your use cases.

Tip 2 – The Return of #Baldforce

Last year we held a fantastic fundraiser at Dreamforce for a charity that helps kids who have gone though tough cancer treatment. We would like to do the same this year, but need your help! Could your company be one of the sponsors? It’s a great cause, it will be a fun event, plus we can promote you at the biggest Salesforce event in the world. Drop me a line and spread the word. Thank you! šŸ™‚

(Click here for some greatĀ #BaldforceĀ pics)

Tip 3 – Welcome to the new MVPs

This week 21 new Salesforce MVPs were announced, congratulations to all of them, welcome to the club! Here is theĀ link to the article, which has links to their details. Well worth connecting/following them. Below is a pic from the recent #MVP gathering in Chicago.