Thank you for all your positive feedback from my Women in Tech post last week, I really appreciate it, and I am sure my 6 guest bloggers did too. After the annual MVP get together last week in Chicago…well I can tell you very little due to NDAs…but what I did manage to do was pick up some great gems that I can share from other attendees…

Tip 1 – THE Salesforce search

How often do you Google for some Salesforce knowledge, and need to write detailed descriptions in the search bar to save you trawling through unrelated rubbish before you get to where you wanted?  Try once and you will bookmark it forever. Many thanks to Dan Appleman for putting this together!

If there is some other content you think should be included, drop him a line via the Suggestions tab.

Tip 2 – A new Tip from Jeff May

Anyone who has looked at the Success Community will be aware of Jeff May. With nearly 30,000 answers Jeff is an outstanding example of what it takes to become an MVP. I caught up with Jeff last week, and after last guest blogging here 2 years ago, we agreed it was REALLY time for the next one. Thanks for the Tip Jeff, and thank you from all of us in the community for everything you do!

“Process Builder tip: If you are trying to reference a related record field in a Process criteria, use a custom formula field on the object of the process. Instead of [Contact].Account.Customer__c use a Contact formula field [Contact].Account_is_a_Customer__c. This ensures the value is properly tested by the process.”