Tip 1 – Dreamforce Long Haul?

If you have not booked your Dreamforce flights already, here are a couple of offers you may be able to use. If you are flying from UK, try this 10% Dreamforce discount offer from Virgin (thanks to Spencer Collins). And if you are flying from Australia, take a look at AussieDreamflight, where a group have blocked booked flights, hotels, and transfers to try to gain a discount (thanks to Simon Gascoigne for sharing this). If anyone fancies trying to do something similar from the UK next year, drop me a line.

Tip 2 – Trailhead SuperBadges

Trailhead recently extended it’s offering to include ‘SuperBadges‘ which are more in depth trails, which include hands-on challenges. They seem to be positioned as an intermediate step between a standard Trail and a Salesforce Certification. There are only 4 available today, but probably more to come.

Tip 3 – A look back again

The week before my 200th consecutive week, I wanted to share what I put together for my 100th. With 11 guests, including Salesforce co-founder Parker Harris, the ‘always quotable’ Peter Coffee, and the King of Answers Steve Molis. Take a look here at week number 100, and see you next week for a special 200th blog post.