Tip 1 – Surf Force

Working in harmony with the Aloha spirit of Salesforce, Shaun Holmes is launching a great new event in Wales called Surf Force. It’s a one day FREE event in Aberavon, South Wales, filled with Salesforce sessions, Hands On Training…and Surfing. Sounds pretty amazing, register now because numbers will be limited.

Tip 2 – Au Revoir Paris / Au Revoir England

The “Au Revoir” from my hotel reception this morning seemed more poignant than yesterday. As we ponder how UK leaving Europe will effect everyone, I am reflecting on yesterday’s Paris World Tour, before ‘leaving Europe’ myself.

Salesforce yesterday confirmed it’s commitment to Europe, with the launch of it’s France data centre. So along with data centres in Germany, Holland, and England, plus new offices and investment, it is truly embedded in Europe, and not just a US-focused company. Take a look here for more details, and for a review of the event.