Tip 1 – TrailheaDX

The main news in the ‘Salesforce World’ this week was the TrailheaDX event. As it was the first ever Trailhead event, nobody really knew what to expect. Is it just promoting Trailhead? Is it a Developer event? Can I justify flying to San Francisco for it? The feedback from attendees I have spoken to was all very positive. And it was not just ‘sit down and do some trails’, there was a full set of sessions covering Admin and Developer skills. Sounds like a mini-dreamforce!

Keep an eye out for postings of these sessions, but in the meantime here is the link to the Keynote, worth a watch.

Tip 2 – Stay on the Trail 

While we are talking TrailheaDX, and Trailhead…here is a new Trail that you can try if you want to be a Lightning Experience expert. One thing you can be sure of, Lightning Experience is the way things are going, don’t fight it 🙂

Come join us – We are looking for a senior Salesforce Consultant 
(UK based, perm or contracts) (No agencies sorry)