Tip 1 – Lightning Licences

This week Salesforce changed it’s licence structure, so the available licences are:
– SalesforceIQ CRM Starter
– Lightning Professional
– Lightning Enterprise
– Lightning Unlimited

There is some slight confusion over what will be the difference to new customers over existing customers, but the underlying message seems to be that ‘nobody will loose any functionality, they will only gain some!’. And it does look that way.

For example, after the change of licence:
– Professional edition users will now have a Developer Sandbox, Unlimited Custom Apps and Tabs, Custom Profiles (only 2) & Field Level Security.
– Enterprise edition users will have a Partial Sandbox (plus 25 Developer Sandboxes).
– Unlimited edition users would have 100 Developer Sandboxes

Take a look here for more details.

Tip 2 – Trailhead DX

This event in San Francisco is referred to as ‘The Salesforce Developer Conference’, but seems to be directed at Admins and Developers. This is the first event of its type, so details are hard to come by. But take a look here for the press release. And maybe see you in San Francisco June 7/8th?

Tip 3 – NonProfit Help

If you are a NonProfit user in EMEA, then you should take a look a the ‘EMEA Office Hours‘ group on The Power of Us Hub, and join their monthly call. The next call is Tuesday 10th May 1500 BST. It is run and managed by the Hub community, including MVPs, User Group leaders, and Salesforce.Org Partners.

Join me and my expanding team of Salesforce Consultants & Developers at our booth on May 19th

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