Summer 16

Tip 1 – Summer 16 Release notes


Salesforce will soon be celebrating it’s 50th release. Summer ’16 (with the lovely firework logo above), is available now in pre-release Orgs, and released to our Production Orgs between May 20th and June 13th. Take a look here for more details of the dates, and to see the link for the release notes. 

Tip 2 – Top Ten Highlights of Summer 16

So now you know when it is coming, lets take a quick look at what features you can expect to see. To save you looking through all 392 pages of release notes, here are some highlights that I spotted:

  • Contacts: Associate a Contact with Multiple Accounts (Generally Available) (In Lightning)
  • Visualize Your Business Like Never Before with Account Logos (Beta) (In Lightning)
  • Email: Enhanced Email, Send Email Through External Accounts (Gmail or office 365)
  • Quickly see if related lists contain record (in Salesforce1)
  • Create a Calendar from Anything in Salesforce (In Lightning)
  • New Charts available (funnel, scatter, combo, and cumulative line charts)
  • Enhanced Field Service functionality
  • Supercharge Your Picklist Fields with Global Picklists (Beta)
  • Sandbox-to-sandbox cloning
  • New Editions and Licences (I will talk more about this next week)

Search on these terms in the release notes for more details.

Tip 3 – DevZone call for Dreamforce sessions now open

Interested in presenting on a Dev subject at Dreamforce 2016? The call for submissions is now open. Take a look here for more details, and for some tips on making a successful submission.