Tip 1 – Summer ’16 Release

The Summer 2016 release of Salesforce will be the 50th release. And here is your chance to vote for the logo. You only have until 8pm UK today! Click on here to vote in the ‘Release Readiness & Feature Adoption‘ group, (and take a look around while you are in there!).

Tip 2 – Salesforce Connect

Lightning Connect was launched last year, and is now called ‘Salesforce Connect’. I read in a recent blog post…

Salesforce Connect allows you to get a 360-degree view of your customer within Salesforce, even if your data exists in another system

As well as referencing and reporting on external data alongside internal data, it looks like the latest version also allows you to manage those external records whilst in Salesforce.

Take a look at the blog post here, and also there is a Trailhead trail for Connect here.


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