Tip 1 – A look forward into FY17

Salesforce organised a special webinar event on Tuesday, featuring Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, newly promoted COO Keith Block, plus Metallica! It was to celebrate the achievements of the last financial year, plus look forward to what’s coming next. Here are the main things I noticed, keep an eye out for more details on coming months, and especially in the Spring/Summer releases.

– Sales Cloud Lightning (inc Pipeline trending over time)

– Marketing Mobile App

– Salesforce Voice

– Field Service lightning

– Mobile 2 factor authentication

– Salesforce IQ mobile inbox

and…Salesforce1 Offline App

Exciting times ahead!

Tip 2 – I love formulas really

I do love a good formula challenge! You know the sort of formula challenge that gives you a headache, makes you grumpy for quite sometime…and then you solve it and it makes your day.

This was not too tough really, but I thought I would share the first part of it with you. So I needed to build a new formula field which calculated one field multiplied by another. Simple enough, but one of the numbers was in a picklist, and as we know, there are limited formulas that you can use with picklist values. So you need to convert it to text first:

(VALUE(Text(your picklist here) )

Then you can use the numbers in the calculation as normal.


Thank you to my friends at Apttus…

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