Welcome to 2016! For a special New Years Day post, I give you 16 highlights of the Spring 16 release. Search on the topics here for further details. That just saved you reading all 392 pages!


Tip #1 – 16 Highlights from the Spring 16 release

  • Person Accounts: Supported in Lightning Experience (Beta)
  • Easily Create a Note from Any Lightning Page
  • List Views: Filter and Customize to Get Data Faster in Lightning Experience (Generally Available)
  • Create Salesforce Records Directly in Microsoft Email Applications
  • More Options for Charts in Lightning Experience
  • Enrich Your Datasets with Derived Fields in Wave Analytics
  • Opportunity Board Is Now Opportunity Kanban
  • Customer Service Tools in Lightning Experience
  • Provide Better Support by Accessing Your Customer’s Cameras During an SOS Session (Beta)
  • Salesforce1: Spell Check for Search Results
  • Keep Chatter group Discussions Focused with Broadcast Groups—Generally Available
  • Jazz up User Profiles with a Banner Photo
  • Create Lightning Experience Navigation Menus
  • In Process Builder Easily Reorder Criteria in Your Process with Drag and Drop
  • Identity Verification Method Added for Two-Factor Authentication
  • Increased Developer Sandbox Licenses


Thank you to my friends at Apttus…

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