“Phil Walton – The 6th Most Influential Person at Dreamforce 2015”

Thank you so much to the team at Little Bird, in Portland, Oregon, for this great stat! I first came across Marshall Kirkpatrick (CEO at Little Bird) less than 12 months ago, when we engaged in a short Twitter conversation. Little did I expect, but he followed it up with a blog post about it, featuring possibly some of the most complementary text I have ever received, which I still blush about now!

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 16.57.15

For the last few years they have (amongst many other things) used their Influencer Marketing Tool to highlight the influential people at Dreamforce. This year they did not do an infographic, but generously offered to ‘run the numbers through the machine’, and told me I had reached #6 in the most influential people at Dreamforce 2015. Not bad for 145,000 attendees and 10million online registrants.

Thank you to Marshall and Taylor at Little Bird for taking the time out to share this info, and scare me with the power you have at your fingertips!

Thank you to Matt Heinz at Heinz Marketing for (indirectly) introducing me to Little Bird.

Thank you to my blog sponsors Apttus  for helping me share my thoughts, ideas, and gossip around the world.

“Relationships Matter”! Very True!

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