Tip #1 – Free App – Profile Picture Changer

Don’t forget to change your Chatter profile picture whilst you are away on Christmas holidays, and this App will help! PTO Profile Picture Changer is a Component App, so when you are on your way home, or just boarding the plane, you can quickly change your profile picture to show everyone you are away. All whilst humming ‘Driving home for Christmas’ by Chris Rea.

Tip #2 – London’s Calling

Here is a big date for anyone in Europe, mark Friday February 5th 2016 in your diary now! Peter Coffee and Erica Khul are lined up as keynote speakers, and there will be loads of great content. Register for early bird tickets now, before the price rises, and availability disappears. This will be the largest, community led, Salesforce event in Europe, fact!

Tip #3 – Have a great Christmas! 

Is this really a ‘Tip’? Yeah, why not…I hope you have a great Christmas and New year. As Christmas Day and New Years Day both fall on a Friday, then I will still be sending out my weekly email on those days as usual. Apologies if they get a but covered in turkey and sherry!


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