Tip #1 – Guest Post – Product Bundles & Flow

This weeks guest blogger is Nick Spencer, one of my fellow London User Group attendees. Nick is an Admin of 9 years, and started his blog with a great and detailed post about his ‘Lightbulb moment’.

“Did you know that you can set up salesforce to handle product bundles?

All you need is a Flow that will copy the opportunity products from one opportunity to another.”

Take a look here for Nick’s full post, and lets keep an eye out for more!

Tip #2 – Salesforce.Org

New Salesforce url? No it is the new name for the Salesforce Foundation, the Nonprofit social enterprise arm of Salesforce. If you have not heard of the philanthropic side of what Salesforce does, then you should take a look, but also if you work in a Nonprofit or a Higher Education group then its time to look further!

More than 27,000 Nonprofit and Higher Education institutions are using Salesforce, read more about how you can get involved.

And if you want to learn more about configuring Salesforce for these institutions, and learning about the Non Profit Starter Pack, take a look at these new Trailhead trails.

Thank you to my friends at Apttus…

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