Tip #1 – Omni-Channel

This weeks guest blogger is Shiv Devinarayanan, he is one of the few people awarded both the Salesforce MVP and Force.com MVP, a multiple User Group Leader, and he is also now my Lead Developer here at Phil Walton Consultancy!

OmniChannel is for those organisations that would want to automate the round robin assignment of any object record to predefined qualified agents based on criteria and their work capacity. Agents can have pre-defined presence status, which can then be used to route work to them. Omni Channel works only for the agents that are online in the console. Click here to learn more about setting up Omni Channel.

Tip #2 – Whats in your office?

A couple of weeks ago, Run Consultants interviewed me about my ‘Salesforce life’ and what my office was like. As requested, I added a picture of my office, but it is NOTHING compared to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff’s office, see the full article from Forbes here.

Benioff Office

Tip #3 – No more fake Bono

After spotting a ‘fake-Bono’ at Dreamforce for the last couple of years, I am happy to say I will be seeing the real Bono, and the rest of U2, tomorrow in Dublin. Salesforce sponsored the U2 World Tour, and Marc Benioff generously gave all MVPs tickets to any gig around the world. It is the last gig of the tour tomorrow, so should be massive. Thanks for the tickets Marc, possibly THE best swag!!


What is takes to be an MVP