Tip #1 – Free App of the Week – Event Monitoring Viewer

This great app from Cloudlock has a nice UI for viewing event log files. You can filter by Event Type to show Workflows, Triggers, exports etc, so some really useful info! It looks like you can also link these events with geo-location, so who is doing what AND where. I am going to have a play around with that!

Tip #2 – Force.com Migration Tool – Update

Last week I shared a youtube video about how to move your code into Production. The video has disappeared…but been replaced, so here is the new link. Enjoy listening to the great Jeff Douglas talking us through migrating using the Force.com Migration Tool.

Tip #3 – RELAX!!!

A bit of fun for a Friday…So after the Dreamforce 2015 theme of Mindfulness, I am sure we all now practice this every day. But here is possibly the best 1 minute video that will help ‘humans’. The aches and strains of daily life are floating away…Take a look here 🙂

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